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SUPPORT - Remote Support Repair and Maintenance Services

Computech 2000 Computer Services introduced its Remote Support and Maintenance Service accounts to its customers about 5 years ago. Since its introduction, its popularity (particularly during the pandemic) has greatly increased and has now become a primary source of providing on the fly IT Support. Why? It allows a technician to access a customer's computer or laptop without the need to physically arrange a visit, and quickly assess and resolve a problem before it develops into something more serious. The advantages of the scheme are that no visits are made, resulting in reduced disruption for the customer and less travelling for the technician. The overall advantage is maintaining reduced costs for both the technician and customer alike.

Computech 2000 Computer Services not only remotely supports customers in the Enfield and surrounding area, but also in several locations outside of London and in the Home Counties, and one ex-Enfield resident now situated in Italy is also supported remotely.

How Does It Work - Is it Secure?

The Remote Support and Maintenance Service utilitises an encrypted Internet-based Command and Control Console System leased from a specialist company based in Germany. It provides a secure facility to monitor and access customer's computers thereby allowing routine repair and maintenance tasks to be completed at short notice. A small FREE! software plug-in is installed on a customer's computer that provides an extremely secure encrypted link over the Internet connecting the customer's computer to the Control Console. The encrypted link is further protected by a secret and Unique I.D. Number and passphrase, that ensures the communication link between the customer's computer and the Control Console remains secure and not compromised.

If a customer requires assistance or support, they can either email or telephone details of the request, and if the problem cannot be resolved verbally or via email, a remote support connection is then activated. This will allow only Computech 2000 Computer Services to login to the user's computer and assess the problem. During the remote session communication with the customer is established using the built-in messaging feature or simultaneously via the telephone. However, for this process to operate and effective broadband connection is essential.

The Remote Support and Maintenance Service is mainly designed to deal with software issues that are suddenly confronted by a user, including Internet Browsers Issues, General Windows / Software Problems, and perhaps dealing with security issues or diagnosing and removing viruses / malware. However, if a serious hardware problem arises, a physical visit to the customer's premises may well be required to diagnose the cause, and in such cases normal call prices will apply. A breakdown of all costs can be found on the Pricing page.

Due to its success, I have been able to extend The Remote Support & Maintenance Service to include users who do not have a registered Remote Support & Maintenance Service Account, but require one-off assistance in order to deal with a sudden problem that can be analysed and if possible quickly resolved, without the need to wait for an appointment to visit.

The cost of this immediate and Quick Remote Support feature is a flat rate £30. If required, The Remote Support session can then be converted to a full 12 month service account at an additional cost of £30, allowing a user to request an unlimited number of remote connections over the 12 month period for both urgent and non-urgent matters, or simply on-going routine maintenance. At the conclusion of the 12 month period a user can renew the account and become a standard Remote Support and Maintenance Service Account holder.

The Remote Support Environment

The following diagram provides a simple visual guide of how the Remote Access System works.

For a full breakdown of the costs associated with the Remote Support and Maintenance Service please visit the Pricing Page.


Areas Covered include the following:

Enfield, Barnet, Potters Bar, Cuffley, Goffs Oak, Cheshunt, Palmers Green, Winchmore Hill, Southgate, Whetstone and Finchley, Borehamwood, Edgware, Waltham Cross, Waltham Abbey and Broxbourne