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Specialist Computer and laptop Repairs for Home and Small Business Users

PRICING - For Computech 2000 Computer Services

Computech2000 prices have been frozen for the past four years, however, it has been necessary to make some minor changes to way prices are now calculated, but the current hourly rate continues to be one of the most competitive available in the the North London area. Maintaining prices at the most competitive rates during the current economic climate, and still providing our REGISTERED customers with FREE! telephone and email support, plus the best possible service, are very important objectives.


Subject to the following conditions:

The NO FIX - NO FEE POLICY will not apply when it is technically not possible to resolve a problem over which a technician has no real control.


Where a computer has become so seriously infected with a virus, malware or the Windows Operating System has become so unstable and initial action fails to repair the defect, and it is recommended that the Windows Operating System be reinstalled, but the customer declines for this action to be taken, a fee for the initial diagnostics and attempts to repair the system will be immediately payable. If a customer agrees to have Windows reinstalled the original fee will be discontinued.

IN ADDITION: if a problem relates to an Internet connection failure, and the fault is later found to be due to a customer's defective telephone / cable line, or an account issue provided by an ISP (Internet Service Provider), a fee will be payable for attendance in such cases.

The following is a breakdown of current charges:

For routine call-outs and non-project related assignments, the first hour is charged at £60 (this is a minimum charge even if the job is completed in under the first hour). Thereafter, every successive 15 minute period is charged at £10 per period.

EXAMPLE: A specific task takes 1 Hour 45 Minutes to complete. The resultant cost will be £60 for the first hour (minimum) plus £30 for the additional 45 minutes, making a total of £90 for the completed job. If it is necessary to acquire replacement parts, the cost of the parts will be added to to the final invoice and be listed accordingly.

All efforts are taken to keep time periods to an absolute minimum, and in the majority of cases the most common routine tasks can be completed within the first hour. However, depending on the complexity of the problem and overall condition of the computer, that period may well be extended.


For users requiring their computer to undergo a full system health check, that includes checking for viruses, malware and Windows System Errors a FIXED FEE of £60 is available - No matter how long the process takes. A bundle of good quality FREE Security and System Utility Software is normally installed for use by the customer at no extra charge. However, for this type of service it is recommended that users sign up to the Computech2000 Remote Support and Maintenance Service, that costs the same price, but provides a full year of unlimited support.


For those customers requiring a complete Windows and software installation, a bundled installation for a FIXED FEE of £130 is available. This includes backing up the customer's personal data including email account (where appropriate), personal data and then installing a clean Windows Operating system from a CD/DVD installation disc.  The process also includes partitioning the hard drive in order to provide dedicated storage space for personal or business data and a "System Recovery Image". This will provide the customer with the ability to carry out annual re-imaging of the system in order to provide a clean installation at periodic times, or to update their systems, without the need to pay for technical assistance.

When would a Windows Bundle Installation be appropriate?

If over time a system has become sluggish and/or Windows has never been maintained or reinstalled since the computer was acquired, or it has suffered a serious virus attack, but removal has still left the system in an unstable state. A clean installation, which will completely remove built up bugs and flaws, will normally make a drastic improvement in the overall performance of a system.

In the case of older computers and laptops, it may well be appropriate where possible to upgrade the existing standard hard drive (that has moving parts that are suffering the effects of wear and tear) to that of an SSD (Solid State Drive). SSDs have no moving parts and in essence are fully digital in design, are longer lasting, not prone to mechanical failure (unlike its older counterpart) and can effectively improve performance and increase the speed within the Windows operating environment. To install a clean version of Windows 10 / 11 plus a new 500GB SSD a FIXED FEE of £170 applies. For those users that also require an Office Package, a retail copy of Microsoft Office 2021 Professional (including a Lifetime Licence) can be included at a cost of £20.


Virus and Malware removal can often be a tricky and sometimes unpredictable process, but in the majority of cases can be completed fairly quickly. However, deeply embedded viruses can take several hours to remove from a computer, and even if successfully removed, can leave the system in an unstable state, sometimes requiring the Windows Operating System to be reinstalled.

In order to give customers a better indication of the cost of removing viruses the following policy applies:

The minimum cost will be £60 (minimum first hour rate as described above), but up to a maximum of £100 no matter how long the process takes to remove a virus from the computer. If after the removal of a virus the system is found to be in an unstable state, and it is recommended that the Windows Operating System be reinstalled, the original fee for removing the virus will be waived in favour of undertaking a windows Bundled Installation as described above. This will ensure that the system is thoroughly cleaned and any damage or corruption to the file system by a virus is completed eradicated.

If a customer decides to leave the system in an unstable state, the original fee for undertaking the virus removal will apply. However, if it is not possible to remove a virus at all, the NO FIX - NO FEE Policy will apply


For the past 7 years Computech2000 has been supplying Remote Access Support and Maintenance Service Plans, that have become a very popular addition to the services already available to customers. It provides a great deal of flexibility both from a support perspective and for the customer. No longer is it necessary to arrange appointments to call at a customer's premises, in order to deal with a routine matter and is likely to a take a short period of time such as a health check or a software upgrade. The Remote Support and Maintenance Service allows many tasks to be carried out over a very secure and encrypted Internet connection, and the customer does not need to be present in front of their computer. The end product is a cost-effective support service with little or no inconvenience to the end-user.

The cost of this service for Home Users is: £60 per annum for a single computer and £30 for any additional machines.

For Business Users all computers are charged at £60 per annum per machine, however, discounts can be arrange for multiple systems

For more information on the Remote Support and Maintenance Service please visit the Support Page.


Payments can be made by Cash, Cheque or BACs.

Payments by Credit/Debit Card are also accepted, both in person and in order to make such payments more convenient, Card Payments can now be processed via an encrypted secure link sent to the customer via email that is directly processed by a Third-Party Card Company, and a small administrative fee is included to cover the cost of retrieving payments from the Card Company.


Areas Covered include the following:

Enfield, Barnet, Potters Bar, Cuffley, Goffs Oak, Cheshunt, Palmers Green, Winchmore Hill, Southgate, Whetstone and Finchley, Borehamwood, Edgware, Waltham Cross, Waltham Abbey and Broxbourne